Why use Teamworks?

Teamworks will help your team work more
seamlessly and strategically—energizing the team
and improving your day-to-day outcomes.

You’ll get aligned

Teamworks gets your team on the same page about the underlying intent behind the work. Our Purpose tools help you articulate why your work matters. With Bold Moves, you can evaluate what initiatives will have the most impact. And Outcomes creates clarity about what success looks like, and who’s responsible for what.

You’ll get motivated

Teamworks gets your team talking about the important stuff: Why are we doing what we’re doing? What do we hope to achieve? What’s getting in our way? These big-picture conversations increase people’s level of ownership and accountability. And with Teamworks, the conversations happen more easily and more often.

You’ll diminish dysfunction

Using Teamworks helps your team develop the kind of understanding and shorthand that makes collaboration easier and smoother. Our Strengths tools let you quickly identify what plays to people’s strengths and what brings out their worst. Our Duos tools help team members take stock of their working relationships and make a plan for how to deepen trust.

You’ll take control

Teamworks helps your team analyze what Forces are slowing you down and which ones are working in your favor. And we teach you Reframing—the art of creative problem-solving when you get stuck.

You’ll make changes that stick

Most teams get together once or twice a year to do some kind of team-building or planning exercise. While those sessions can be enlightening, there’s usually very little connection to the team’s day-to-day reality. Our tools are designed to be used in short bursts week in and week out, so you can keep improving all the time.

You’ll save time

The average U.S. employee spends nearly 3 hours a week simply dealing with conflict at work. Managers waste countless hours cleaning up the mess that comes from miscommunication, mistrust, and fuzzy priorities. Teamworks helps reduce all that wasted time—by getting and keeping the team on the same page and deepening trust and understanding.

You’ll have a constant partner

Great work happens when a team is working at its best. But even the best managers can find it hard to keep the team consistently motivated and in flow. With Teamworks, you’re not alone. We help you identify team patterns, and we’ve created an easy, structured way to get the team back on track. Plus, we send advice and reminders at just the right moment—to help you make good on your good intentions.